Nomaterra Getaway On-The-Go Eau Fraiche Fragrance Wipes Variety Pack - Pack of 12


Nomaterra's Getaway On-The-Go  Eau Fraiche Fragrance Wipes Variety Pack contains our 3 best selling scents—Miami Orange Blossom, Malibu Honeysuckle, and Oahu Gardenia. These scents inspire you to be whisked away on vacation, even when you're stuck at the office or home. Each wipes box contains 12 wipes, 4 of each scent. These fragrance wipes were custom designed by our ingenious science team to contain just the right amount of fragrance that will last on the skin. Swipe on your pulse points and be whisked away...

Our fragrances are made in the USA. We source each and every one of our ingredients ourselves and keep the finest quality sources. None of our products are tested on animals and will never be. 

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